Sunday, July 20, 2014


We had a little thunder last weekend and the rain cooled down the backyard for a bit. It was fun to listen to.

So, we went to Enchanted Forest again this summer, which was fabulous. I love the nostalgia of this place which opened in 1971 in the town of Turner, Oregon. Not at all far from Portland, it is just south of Salem. Interesting, the Thai temple is also at this stop. We did not go there this time, but maybe another time soon. Also, enchanting but no roller coasters. Anyway, if you have never been to Enchanted Forest, I HIGHLY recommend it. I have friends who grew up going here and it hasn't changed much they say, but it is very quaint and clean and the folks working there are super friendly. It is not Disneyworld, but that is not what I am into, so it is perfect and charming. We took Noah, Clay and Noah's friend, Tina who is "NOT MY GIRLFRIEND, OK?" Anywhooo, Tina is moving away to college at the end of this month and had never been there, so we needed to remedy that. The animatronic scenes are really detailed and the voice recordings are a little bit weird and the fur on some of the animals looks a little like bad taxidermy but it's super great. It is very magical and just right. There are Indian Caves to explore and a few rides like a Log Ride, Ice Mountain and a Haunted House which I hear is not that scary. Rides are about $3-$4 each, kiddie rides for little tykes are less, you can buy ride bracelets if you plan to do more than about 6 rides it is a good deal. Admission is $10.75 for adults and $9.75 for kids 2-12 and seniors are also $9.75. We really like the Western Town, they have a shooting gallery and Remote Boats which you can control for .50 cents. One tip is to bring your own lunch, they do not have many food choices. There are quite a few picnic benches and they are fine with guests bringing in their own food and drink. You can see a "water show" inside at the snack bar which is pretty hilarious. Basically a wall of fountains with colored lights and music. Anyway you should check out it this little gem if you come visit this area and tell me, because maybe I want to go again!

Noah and his friend walking up the path at Enchanted Forest. Enchanting, yes?
Clay, Noah and Tina walking along in Western Town.
No, Mom, this isn't awkward at all. Hee hee.
A roller coaster in the forest. Sometimes you just have to love Oregon a whole whole lot.
One of the animatronic scenes. Admittedly a little creepy, but still fantastic. Pinocchio, Gepetto and the visiting angel.
We stopped for smoothies and you have to order your sizes thus: Baby Bear, Mama Bear or Papa Bear. There is no small in Enchanted Forest. "You want whipped cream on that baby bear strawberry?" Oh yeah you do.
We stopped at the Japanese Garden afterwards because looking at koi ponds and listening to little streams in the shade cools everyone down. Clay was super pooped so we left Tina and Noah to meander their way back down the hill later at their leisure. I think everyone had a good day.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Beautiful coast day!

I had such a beautiful blissful day on the Oregon coast yesterday with my husband, my son Clay and his friend, Gabe. We went to Tillamook to stock up on lunch fixings and snacks then on to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. My sons both love this place for the giant sand dune! It is humongous. My husband said like a 6 story building but actually it is as tall as a skyscraper. Hundreds of people were at the beach but it was so friendly and happy, it was not bad at all. Families were digging in sand and playing frisbee and wading in waves and checking out the little tide pools on the rocks. We even saw two whales spouting! That was pretty exciting. A 17 month old little boy played give and take with us with his treasures he found on the beach with his grandma. I think they were the remnants of an old dog ball but he was pretty stoked. I think it was Gabe's first visit to the big dune so Clay was so happy to show him how to conquer the sandy mountain. They went up and down twice and I....well, I waved enthusiastically from below. I got a bit of a sunburn on my nose but that is my own fault for forgetting my silly hat. Nothing a little aloe gel won't soothe. We really needed a getaway and it was breezy and sunny but not too hot. We got ice cream, of course! And a nice iced coffee for the drive home. We shook out the sand from our pants legs when we returned home and promptly crashed. The sun wears you out!
Aren't we lucky to live so close to the Oregon coast?

The color of the sky against the beautiful rocky formations was unreal. 

Clay and his friend Gabe wade in the cold water. ONLY TO YOUR KNEES, GUYS!

When I first took this photo, the light was so bright I did not realize Clay's hair was making a mustache.

Bliss on the dune, man. Bliss on.