Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oceanside getaway photos

My son, Noah, on his eighteenth birthday. We celebrated at our friends' beautiful Oceanside beach house.

Noah decided he should try a mocha. "It's like chocolate milk with a little dirt mixed in."

Clay has the most enviable beach waves of the bunch of us. He is 11.

It was foggy and misty and I could not have felt more at peace.

No internet, no TV, no problem. Noah is so thrilled with his little brother's lovin.

Clay doing his thing.

Yo does not look fifty. He is a silver fox.

I bought these linen shirts and tried my best to look like a catalog model. Right after this I think I tripped and needed my 11 year old to assist me. Dorkalicious.

Barnacles. I could get lots of inspiration here.

Yo took this whole series of beautiful photos of things on the beach. He has a great way of seeing.

This was one of my favorites. It looks like a piece of jewelry!

Not bad for some old folks. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Green Tea and Chocolate. Send immediately.

I am feeling really really crabby today. I am sure it has to do with my cycle, which makes me even crabbier. Also, the kids are all registered for school, Clay going into 6th grade and Noah starting community college. Pretty sure that has me grumpy, even though it shouldn't. I am in denial about early morning routines and cool dark weather coming. Jackets and book bags and lost jackets and lost book bags and money! Spending so much money. It seems like even with our little vacation and day trips we spend less in the summer. I hate worrying about money and bills and unexpected expenses. Car repairs, dental emergencies, broken faucets, broken toilets, oh it makes me want to pull my hair out. I need some chocolate and some green tea and some meditation. I read somewhere that you could do a tiny meditation without anyone noticing, like while you are at work and needing a little focus time, by sucking on a lozenge. I don't think it is exactly the equivalent to solitary yoga by a mountain stream but you do what you can. Get through it. Needing to redefine my balance. Any ideas?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer for winners.

Last weekend started with a fun party in my friend's backyard. 
We played a little bingo at my friend's house. It is a traditional summer party and we always win fun things like a giant tub of Red Vines, longhorn steer horns, an egg peeling device, a very styling Jack Links beef jerky cap or this summer's wins were a bottle of rum and a small suitcase. My friend enters loads of contests and some of the prizes are her winnings, others are just acquired along the way. Chicken suit or piano gloves? She might have those in her basement. Actually no she doesn't anymore because someone I know won both those things. LUCK! Pure luck.
Trillium Lake! So pretty and not too far from Portland. 
The next day we took a drive to see Trillium Lake to check out the beautiful view of Mount Hood and see what their campground is like. It is very good! We might camp there in the future. There are nice picnic benches and it is only $5 to park for the day and enjoy all the hiking and other nearby areas. We just ate a little lunch and walked around the lake, wading in and visiting with the ducks.
Noah, Yo and Clay at Trillium Lake.

Clay did a little good time dancing in the water.

We stopped at Timberline and Lodged it for a bit. It was really a hot day. I think the kids had fun anyway.
 Then we decided to stop at Mount Hood Meadows so the boys could try the Alpine Slide! This is a little cart you ride and it goes pretty fast. It cost $12 to go down once. If we had stopped earlier in the day it would have been worth it to get the 2 hour $29 bracelet and then you can do lots of things like mini golf or go karts or there are kiddie rides for little folks. There is an all day bracelet but that is whoa Nelly $79! There were some girls in front of us in line getting those. Good gravy, people have money.
This is the Alpine Slide at Mount Hood Meadows! Clay went full throttle the whole way.

Noah is more cautious in life and alpine sliding. He loved it, too!
We head to Oceanside on Monday for a three night beach house getaway for Noah's eighteenth birthday! I am so excited! Anyone have some great Cannon Beach or Tillamook restaurant recommendations? I am trying to decide whether or not to bring a cake with us or just try to find dessert there. There is always the ice creamery! Pretty sure there is no way to mess this up. What did you do on your eighteenth birthday? I did not tell Noah that on mine I went on a first date with his Daddy! That's right! I was not even 18 when we met in 1984! Now we didn't marry until 1992 and we didn't have Noah until 1996 but first dates are very important. First year in art school. His pick up line? "Can I take your photo?" Totally worked. We went out for ice cream. I saved the little plastic elephant charm on top of our Kenyan Surprise banana split for the longest time but alas it is lost now. Oh well, I kept him and that is what counts.

We have a snail? Here's the facts.

Snail enjoys yellow carrot, and orange carrot, and pea pods. 
Yo brought home this little snail from PNCA near his food cart. It was hanging out on a wall there and looked pretty dried out. I am not sure where he came from unless he travelled in on someone's vehicle or plant? We put him in a white plastic container with some muddy green stuff from the yard and some cucumber peel and various veggies. He does a lot of sleeping. I guess they hibernate in both summer and winter. I say he but actually snails are hermaphrodites carrying the reproductive organs of both male and female. They do need another snail to mate with in order to reproduce, but once they mate they can both lay eggs. I have never seen a snail egg! How tiny would that be? Apparently they are also nocturnal, moving around mostly at night and they don't really like the sun. I have a friend like that. The long tentacles that move around on top are like their eyes and the little ones on the bottom are like their nose. What should we name him/her? At first Yo said "Pearl" because we found him in the Pearl District, then we were waffling with "Gary" from Spongebob memories. We are headed to the Oregon Coast for a few days vacation next week and I am not sure if I should let him go or find him a new home or.....take him with us?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Yoburi on the move! A little soiree and then sandwiches.

We had our first gig in the Citroen van last weekend! It was pretty exciting, there was a lot of buzz. It was for our friends at Darling Press who have a beautiful letterpress studio inside a newly remodeled building called Foster Row. It houses a studio for a woodworker, textile designer, our friends' letterpress studio, a ceramic pottery studio and a collective retail space where they can all sell their wares. The duo who revamped the building did an amazing job and we were invited to their grand opening celebration. Here is a little article about it. Foster Row has a new Kickstarter Campaign going which has some very nice perks. You can also see our friends' super cute little kids in their video making some art. We brought the new digs for Yo's espresso cart which is our new Citroen van imported from France. It was very fun, they had us parked right in front and we sold a few coffees, Thai iced teas and Yo grilled some chicken and tofu skewers which he served with rice, peanut sauce and cucumber pickles. I mostly just played hostess to his hard work, I don't even know how to run his espresso machine yet and pretty much just tried to stay out of the way and not break anything. Our friends' little girl jumped into the back of the van and helped keep me company and that was pretty great. I can't say it was a big moneymaker of a night but we certainly felt like the look of the van was enough of a draw for when we finally have a permanent spot set up, we can expect some customers for Yoburi. (Yoburi is the name that Yo has decided on for the new mobile espresso business, means basically "land of Yo" in Thai.)

Yo has since made another even more beautiful sign for his van, which will hang outside once he is officially open.

Yo with Jason Hoffman (co-owner of Darling Press) and his two adorable kids, Felix and Annelise.
Doesn't it look even prettier with customers in front? Yes, it does.

The next day we hosted a small birthday party at our house for my dear friend, Margaret, who is always doing, doing, doing for everyone else and needed a little special fun. It was very casual in our back yard with the odd array of seating and our chickens wandering through trying to steal bits of food. I like small groups because you really get to visit and talk to each person. I am no Martha Stewart, pretty much you will get chips right out of the bag and hummus right out of the grocery store container, but there is a lot of love spread around.

This was the last week Noah spent with his friend, Tina and I know he and she are both sad to part, but we wish her all the best in her adventure at college in West Virginia. Hopefully they will see each other over a school break this year. I took Noah and Clay out for lunch today at our neighborhood cafe and was reminded of how much I adore seeing them together as brothers.

At Lair Hill Market Cafe

They are both hilarious and adorable. I am biased, of course.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


We had a little thunder last weekend and the rain cooled down the backyard for a bit. It was fun to listen to.

So, we went to Enchanted Forest again this summer, which was fabulous. I love the nostalgia of this place which opened in 1971 in the town of Turner, Oregon. Not at all far from Portland, it is just south of Salem. Interesting, the Thai temple is also at this stop. We did not go there this time, but maybe another time soon. Also, enchanting but no roller coasters. Anyway, if you have never been to Enchanted Forest, I HIGHLY recommend it. I have friends who grew up going here and it hasn't changed much they say, but it is very quaint and clean and the folks working there are super friendly. It is not Disneyworld, but that is not what I am into, so it is perfect and charming. We took Noah, Clay and Noah's friend, Tina who is "NOT MY GIRLFRIEND, OK?" Anywhooo, Tina is moving away to college at the end of this month and had never been there, so we needed to remedy that. The animatronic scenes are really detailed and the voice recordings are a little bit weird and the fur on some of the animals looks a little like bad taxidermy but it's super great. It is very magical and just right. There are Indian Caves to explore and a few rides like a Log Ride, Ice Mountain and a Haunted House which I hear is not that scary. Rides are about $3-$4 each, kiddie rides for little tykes are less, you can buy ride bracelets if you plan to do more than about 6 rides it is a good deal. Admission is $10.75 for adults and $9.75 for kids 2-12 and seniors are also $9.75. We really like the Western Town, they have a shooting gallery and Remote Boats which you can control for .50 cents. One tip is to bring your own lunch, they do not have many food choices. There are quite a few picnic benches and they are fine with guests bringing in their own food and drink. You can see a "water show" inside at the snack bar which is pretty hilarious. Basically a wall of fountains with colored lights and music. Anyway you should check out it this little gem if you come visit this area and tell me, because maybe I want to go again!

Noah and his friend walking up the path at Enchanted Forest. Enchanting, yes?
Clay, Noah and Tina walking along in Western Town.
No, Mom, this isn't awkward at all. Hee hee.
A roller coaster in the forest. Sometimes you just have to love Oregon a whole whole lot.
One of the animatronic scenes. Admittedly a little creepy, but still fantastic. Pinocchio, Gepetto and the visiting angel.
We stopped for smoothies and you have to order your sizes thus: Baby Bear, Mama Bear or Papa Bear. There is no small in Enchanted Forest. "You want whipped cream on that baby bear strawberry?" Oh yeah you do.
We stopped at the Japanese Garden afterwards because looking at koi ponds and listening to little streams in the shade cools everyone down. Clay was super pooped so we left Tina and Noah to meander their way back down the hill later at their leisure. I think everyone had a good day.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Beautiful coast day!

I had such a beautiful blissful day on the Oregon coast yesterday with my husband, my son Clay and his friend, Gabe. We went to Tillamook to stock up on lunch fixings and snacks then on to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. My sons both love this place for the giant sand dune! It is humongous. My husband said like a 6 story building but actually it is as tall as a skyscraper. Hundreds of people were at the beach but it was so friendly and happy, it was not bad at all. Families were digging in sand and playing frisbee and wading in waves and checking out the little tide pools on the rocks. We even saw two whales spouting! That was pretty exciting. A 17 month old little boy played give and take with us with his treasures he found on the beach with his grandma. I think they were the remnants of an old dog ball but he was pretty stoked. I think it was Gabe's first visit to the big dune so Clay was so happy to show him how to conquer the sandy mountain. They went up and down twice and I....well, I waved enthusiastically from below. I got a bit of a sunburn on my nose but that is my own fault for forgetting my silly hat. Nothing a little aloe gel won't soothe. We really needed a getaway and it was breezy and sunny but not too hot. We got ice cream, of course! And a nice iced coffee for the drive home. We shook out the sand from our pants legs when we returned home and promptly crashed. The sun wears you out!
Aren't we lucky to live so close to the Oregon coast?

The color of the sky against the beautiful rocky formations was unreal. 

Clay and his friend Gabe wade in the cold water. ONLY TO YOUR KNEES, GUYS!

When I first took this photo, the light was so bright I did not realize Clay's hair was making a mustache.

Bliss on the dune, man. Bliss on.