Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hi, Hello. I hate working out and leaf blowers.

Hi! This is me, Anne. I am going to try and do some blogging again. I was formerly blogging under the name A Decent Sparrow which had a sweet little run, then I ran out of juice. I am starting under a new name, Tea Time With Snail. I like it because it is quiet and slow, like me. I have a little cheeky side, though and I should set some saucy groundwork up right from the get go. This is no baby book and I won't teach little crafts or show you how I look in a million cute outfits. I am 47 and though I like the idea of beach waves in my hair and flowy dresses when I try to do that it looks a little like a rough night on the trailer park couch, if you know what I mean. I like all those kinds of crafty informative blogs, but that is not what I will be doing. This will just be my everyday moseying along trying to be. I just try to be honest. In my genuine opinion I can't blog for shit, but I like doing it anyway so that's where you the reader will be very handy. Let me know when this gets too ramble-y. I say things like ramble-y, by the way. Turn back before it's too late.

I thought I would start each post with at least one photo, maybe more. I use my iPhone, I am no professional photographer. I have some art credentials but it is way way way in the background, like a speck that is all blurry on a sign far away. I know it is there and it is part of me but I don't acknowledge it too much. It's like a crazy neighbor lady, it gives me character.

These are my kids, Noah and Clay. Noah is graduating high school in about two weeks, he is super sharp, quick witted and mellow. He likes physics and math and economics. What? What? Yeah. He will take care of us. Clay is just finishing 5th grade. Clay is like an old philosopher, quiet and slow, a real deep thinker and a sentimental poet. They are lovely boys and I like to talk about them sometimes, too. They are funny and they give me pause to think and also give me headaches. Not terrible migraines but typical parenting woes.

Here is my husband, Yothin, working on the inside of his Citroen van. He is working hard all the time and using his creative superpowers to make Yoburi Coffee a reality very soon. It will be a mobile van in the North Park blocks area near the new art school building here in Portland. It is a very exciting new venture. He just made us our first coffees inside the van this weekend. It was very exciting! I took pictures because I am a nerd.

Here's some things I like: cheese crackers, libraries, Gladys Knight, soup, emoticons, social media, snail mail, summer, little people poetry, snickerdoodles, sunshine, barbeques, wine in a teacup, laughing with friends, vintage everything, old photos, gingham, mysteries, curlicues

Here's what I don't like: dentist appointments, cooking fancy food, cleaning and organizing, high heels, running or the term "working out" which kind of gives me the heaves, getting up real early, winter, monograms, grandstanding, leaf blowers and durian.

There are so many more things I could add to these lists, but this gives you a general idea of my Anne-ness. Follow me on Instagram and see more of this parade, let's see where this goes, shall we? I think that is enough for a first post. Be back soon with more. Thanks for reading!! I have missed you! xo