Friday, August 1, 2014

Yoburi on the move! A little soiree and then sandwiches.

We had our first gig in the Citroen van last weekend! It was pretty exciting, there was a lot of buzz. It was for our friends at Darling Press who have a beautiful letterpress studio inside a newly remodeled building called Foster Row. It houses a studio for a woodworker, textile designer, our friends' letterpress studio, a ceramic pottery studio and a collective retail space where they can all sell their wares. The duo who revamped the building did an amazing job and we were invited to their grand opening celebration. Here is a little article about it. Foster Row has a new Kickstarter Campaign going which has some very nice perks. You can also see our friends' super cute little kids in their video making some art. We brought the new digs for Yo's espresso cart which is our new Citroen van imported from France. It was very fun, they had us parked right in front and we sold a few coffees, Thai iced teas and Yo grilled some chicken and tofu skewers which he served with rice, peanut sauce and cucumber pickles. I mostly just played hostess to his hard work, I don't even know how to run his espresso machine yet and pretty much just tried to stay out of the way and not break anything. Our friends' little girl jumped into the back of the van and helped keep me company and that was pretty great. I can't say it was a big moneymaker of a night but we certainly felt like the look of the van was enough of a draw for when we finally have a permanent spot set up, we can expect some customers for Yoburi. (Yoburi is the name that Yo has decided on for the new mobile espresso business, means basically "land of Yo" in Thai.)

Yo has since made another even more beautiful sign for his van, which will hang outside once he is officially open.

Yo with Jason Hoffman (co-owner of Darling Press) and his two adorable kids, Felix and Annelise.
Doesn't it look even prettier with customers in front? Yes, it does.

The next day we hosted a small birthday party at our house for my dear friend, Margaret, who is always doing, doing, doing for everyone else and needed a little special fun. It was very casual in our back yard with the odd array of seating and our chickens wandering through trying to steal bits of food. I like small groups because you really get to visit and talk to each person. I am no Martha Stewart, pretty much you will get chips right out of the bag and hummus right out of the grocery store container, but there is a lot of love spread around.

This was the last week Noah spent with his friend, Tina and I know he and she are both sad to part, but we wish her all the best in her adventure at college in West Virginia. Hopefully they will see each other over a school break this year. I took Noah and Clay out for lunch today at our neighborhood cafe and was reminded of how much I adore seeing them together as brothers.

At Lair Hill Market Cafe

They are both hilarious and adorable. I am biased, of course.


  1. Congratulations and much success to Yoburi!

  2. I can't wait to have a Thai iced tea and see your textiles, I haven't forgot! Congrats on getting Yoburi out and launched it's so dang cute!!!!! Please let us know where the next spot will be I wanna come by! Your backyard gathering sounds pretty laid back and what summer time is all about. I love your colorful prayer flags!