Friday, August 8, 2014

We have a snail? Here's the facts.

Snail enjoys yellow carrot, and orange carrot, and pea pods. 
Yo brought home this little snail from PNCA near his food cart. It was hanging out on a wall there and looked pretty dried out. I am not sure where he came from unless he travelled in on someone's vehicle or plant? We put him in a white plastic container with some muddy green stuff from the yard and some cucumber peel and various veggies. He does a lot of sleeping. I guess they hibernate in both summer and winter. I say he but actually snails are hermaphrodites carrying the reproductive organs of both male and female. They do need another snail to mate with in order to reproduce, but once they mate they can both lay eggs. I have never seen a snail egg! How tiny would that be? Apparently they are also nocturnal, moving around mostly at night and they don't really like the sun. I have a friend like that. The long tentacles that move around on top are like their eyes and the little ones on the bottom are like their nose. What should we name him/her? At first Yo said "Pearl" because we found him in the Pearl District, then we were waffling with "Gary" from Spongebob memories. We are headed to the Oregon Coast for a few days vacation next week and I am not sure if I should let him go or find him a new home or.....take him with us?

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