Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer for winners.

Last weekend started with a fun party in my friend's backyard. 
We played a little bingo at my friend's house. It is a traditional summer party and we always win fun things like a giant tub of Red Vines, longhorn steer horns, an egg peeling device, a very styling Jack Links beef jerky cap or this summer's wins were a bottle of rum and a small suitcase. My friend enters loads of contests and some of the prizes are her winnings, others are just acquired along the way. Chicken suit or piano gloves? She might have those in her basement. Actually no she doesn't anymore because someone I know won both those things. LUCK! Pure luck.
Trillium Lake! So pretty and not too far from Portland. 
The next day we took a drive to see Trillium Lake to check out the beautiful view of Mount Hood and see what their campground is like. It is very good! We might camp there in the future. There are nice picnic benches and it is only $5 to park for the day and enjoy all the hiking and other nearby areas. We just ate a little lunch and walked around the lake, wading in and visiting with the ducks.
Noah, Yo and Clay at Trillium Lake.

Clay did a little good time dancing in the water.

We stopped at Timberline and Lodged it for a bit. It was really a hot day. I think the kids had fun anyway.
 Then we decided to stop at Mount Hood Meadows so the boys could try the Alpine Slide! This is a little cart you ride and it goes pretty fast. It cost $12 to go down once. If we had stopped earlier in the day it would have been worth it to get the 2 hour $29 bracelet and then you can do lots of things like mini golf or go karts or there are kiddie rides for little folks. There is an all day bracelet but that is whoa Nelly $79! There were some girls in front of us in line getting those. Good gravy, people have money.
This is the Alpine Slide at Mount Hood Meadows! Clay went full throttle the whole way.

Noah is more cautious in life and alpine sliding. He loved it, too!
We head to Oceanside on Monday for a three night beach house getaway for Noah's eighteenth birthday! I am so excited! Anyone have some great Cannon Beach or Tillamook restaurant recommendations? I am trying to decide whether or not to bring a cake with us or just try to find dessert there. There is always the ice creamery! Pretty sure there is no way to mess this up. What did you do on your eighteenth birthday? I did not tell Noah that on mine I went on a first date with his Daddy! That's right! I was not even 18 when we met in 1984! Now we didn't marry until 1992 and we didn't have Noah until 1996 but first dates are very important. First year in art school. His pick up line? "Can I take your photo?" Totally worked. We went out for ice cream. I saved the little plastic elephant charm on top of our Kenyan Surprise banana split for the longest time but alas it is lost now. Oh well, I kept him and that is what counts.

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