Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oceanside getaway photos

My son, Noah, on his eighteenth birthday. We celebrated at our friends' beautiful Oceanside beach house.

Noah decided he should try a mocha. "It's like chocolate milk with a little dirt mixed in."

Clay has the most enviable beach waves of the bunch of us. He is 11.

It was foggy and misty and I could not have felt more at peace.

No internet, no TV, no problem. Noah is so thrilled with his little brother's lovin.

Clay doing his thing.

Yo does not look fifty. He is a silver fox.

I bought these linen shirts and tried my best to look like a catalog model. Right after this I think I tripped and needed my 11 year old to assist me. Dorkalicious.

Barnacles. I could get lots of inspiration here.

Yo took this whole series of beautiful photos of things on the beach. He has a great way of seeing.

This was one of my favorites. It looks like a piece of jewelry!

Not bad for some old folks. 


  1. Gorgeous photos, Anne! I particularly like your catalogue pose, it works! Isn't the Oregon Coast just delicious?

    1. Thanks for reading, Amelie! I wish I was back there right now!