Friday, August 22, 2014

Green Tea and Chocolate. Send immediately.

I am feeling really really crabby today. I am sure it has to do with my cycle, which makes me even crabbier. Also, the kids are all registered for school, Clay going into 6th grade and Noah starting community college. Pretty sure that has me grumpy, even though it shouldn't. I am in denial about early morning routines and cool dark weather coming. Jackets and book bags and lost jackets and lost book bags and money! Spending so much money. It seems like even with our little vacation and day trips we spend less in the summer. I hate worrying about money and bills and unexpected expenses. Car repairs, dental emergencies, broken faucets, broken toilets, oh it makes me want to pull my hair out. I need some chocolate and some green tea and some meditation. I read somewhere that you could do a tiny meditation without anyone noticing, like while you are at work and needing a little focus time, by sucking on a lozenge. I don't think it is exactly the equivalent to solitary yoga by a mountain stream but you do what you can. Get through it. Needing to redefine my balance. Any ideas?


  1. I hear you. All of these things happening (school and college starting, summer ending and fall beginning) are exciting and refreshing, but in some moments they feel frightening and exhausting. It's a matter of where we place our focus. I don't know that a lozenge is going to cut it, but perhaps a nice latte and a window? A piece of cake and Project Runway? Sending you peace, my friend...

    1. You know me so well! I love lattes and Project Runway! Cake and a window sounds pretty perfect. I am starting to feel better already!