Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer is slow and so am I.

Oh, this summer is racing. It is the end of June already! What have we done? What have we done? But it is not a race, is it? That is the whole point of summer, to slow down and just enjoy your days and your family and your friends and the nuances of being. My kids are not in endless camps. We are not on endless vacations. We are taking walks in our neighborhood and enjoying friends' company. We are working and we are playing. I added my Instagram feed here on my blog and sometimes I take pictures instead of blogging. This month has been that way. I have lots to say but sometimes it is just in snippets which is better on Twitter or Facebook than in blogging form. Maybe I wrote you a little email and that was what I did instead of blogging this month. That is the way this goes. I am not apologizing, just saying that sometimes my creativity has different venues. I love writing this blog and I will get back to it, but I will not rush. Thanks for sticking with me. xoxo
Some pretty flowers at my friends' parents home after their wedding earlier this month.

I had a mini reunion with some college friends. I wore a cute dress and was happy to belong here.

My son, Noah graduated from high school. I love this boy so much it makes me ache. My Mom and aunt and uncle and brother and sister in law and niece all came. It was very touching and wonderful to have so much family love around. Clay was a little teary and that made me super proud to be their Mom.

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